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As required by the FCC, a StarBand certified installation professional must install your StarBand system.

Residential and Telecommuter Systems:
A basic installation for StarBand Residential/Telecommuter systems typically includes:

  • 24" x 36" elliptical dish installation and associated hardware
  • Installation of roof/wall mount hardware with life-time weather sealant for roof applications
  • Two 100 feet cables run between the dish and the indoor equipment
  • Pointing and fine-tuning the StarBand system
  • Creating or using one existing point of entry into the home for two cables
  • Installing a wall plate (similar to those used in cable TV industry)
  • Configuration of the StarBand satellite modem
  • Testing/activation of the StarBand system
  • Ensuring your system is up and running on one computer
  • Customer knowlege of the Starband system
  • 1 Year warranty on installation (Most dealers only offer a 3 month warranty)

Small Office Systems:
A basic installation for a StarBand Small Office system include the above basic installation for Residential/Telecommuter systems as well as the following (Small Office installation can be more complicated and therefore more costly than a residential installation):

  • Performing a site survey to determine the type of building structure
  • Installing the StarBand Small Office outdoor equipment
  • A non-standard mount may be required
  • Running extra cable from your StarBand outdoor equipment to your StarBand modem
  • Installing the StarBand Small Office software
  • Ensuring your system is up and running on one computer

Types of Mounts
The placement of the StarBand equipment will vary depending upon the building structure in which the system is installed. Three types of mounting options are available:

  • Tri-mast roof mount - Mounted on the roof or wall (included with StarBand equipment)
  • A pole mount - Mounted in the ground next to install location
  • Non-penetrating mount - Mounted on the flat roof of home or building

Note: Pole and non-penetrating mounts are sold separately by your StarBand certified installation professional.

  Price Installation Warranty
Basic Professional Installation $199.00 1 year

Most installations will fall into the basic installation category and do not need other additional installation methods. Other installation fees are listed below.

Additional installations fees:

  • $75 pole mount of 5-7 feet tall, this includes 20 feet of cable burial

  • $1 per foot over the included pole mount installation

  • $75 non-penetrating mount

The installation warranty covers:

  • Defective cable(s)

  • Dish alignment caused by failing part / hardware

  • Diagnosing defective modem or ODU

The installation warranty does NOT cover:

  • Animals / rodents causing damage or chewing on cable(s)

  • Mother nature such as lightning, excessive winds caused from very powerful storms